About Victoria Gibbs Photography

Every building has its own individual quirks, and every building deserves to shine – that's where I come in. I know how to handle the challenges of architectural photography, to balance accuracy with beauty and make sure my images reflect the intention of the architect and the building owner.

My extensive portfolio covers assignments from hotels, designers and real estate developers to magazines and publications. I provide a combination of excellent quality and superb value, along with an extremely professional service. My job is to understand your needs, so that I can provide the imagery you need, as simply as possible. 

I've spent more than fifteen years in this industry, honing my vision and developing my skills.  I'm delighted to have worked with some incredible clients, giving them more than they ever imagined. From increasing revenue in hotels, to highlighting creative industries, a stunningly captured array of images makes a real difference to any business.   

    If you would like to know more please call me on + 44 (0) 7850 392 010 or email me


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